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I believe that we ask a lot of horses mentally and physically on a daily basis, in return they deserve to be relieved of that stress. 

Welcome! If you have come across my website, you are probably looking for a way to help your horse release their tension and increase their range of motion. Most of the information you will need to decide if I am the right choice for you and your horse is on this website. If you find you still have questions, feel free to contact me.

What can I offer your horse?

What is musculoskeletal and cranial unwinding?

This modality is complementary to the massage program I was already offering. The musculoskeletal part, is the process of balancing the horses' meridians, releasing tight fascia, deep muscles and trapped emotions, which helps bring the skeletal system back into alignment.

The cranial part is the release of the horse's head and balancing out the cerebral spinal fluid, which surrounds the brain and spinal cord.

Will massage and musculoskeletal unwinding make a difference?

If you are willing to commit to helping your horse move better, then yes it absolutely will help! The photo on the right is of my gelding Milo; he is 24 years old. The time difference between the top and bottom photo is 1 and 1/2 months. As you can see, he is now comfortable standing square, his facial features and muscles are more relaxed, and he has greater range of motion.


Effects of Massage


- Increase in oxygen input and carbon dioxide output.

- Increase vital cavity (amounts of air coming in and out at a normal rate).

- Expands bronchial tubes.


- Increase range of motion

- Increase nutrition to muscle

- Breakdown of scar tissue

- Decreased recovery time of fatigued muscles.


- Increases circulation (the #1 effect of massage)

- Strengthens heartrate

- Increase oxygen movement and carbon dioxide disposal.


- Assists detoxification

- Reduces swelling in limbs (stocking up) and injured areas.

- Assists immunity


- Stimulates gut

Stimulates increased activity of muscles and vessels and glands.

- Relieves pain and irritations

About Me

Now that I have given you some insite about what I offer, I will tell you about who I am. My name is Jess, I am based out of Vanderhoof, BC, but if I can get enough horses lined up, I am always willing to travel. I have had a passion for horses since I was little, and that passion never deminished. When I decided that I that I was going to work with horses in some form, I wanted it to be something that was specifically for the horses' benefit. Not asking anything of the horse, just help them feel better.




University of Guelph - Equine Studies 

I decided to start my education with the online courses offered through the U of G, so that I could have an understanding of how the horse's body works. I took courses in equine anatomy, equine exercise physiology, equine business management, equine genetics, equine nutrition, management of the equine environment and equine behaviour. 


August 2018

Certified Advanced Equine Sports Massage & Vertebrae Realignment Therapist

Equine Rehab with Sidonia McIntyre

I spent 6 weeks with Sidonia at her course in Edmonton, AB. We were learning at the Whitemud Equine Learning Centre, were we had a variety of different horses to learn with. I learned techniques which included: massage theory, advanced massage techniques, assessment and treatment of soft tissue injurie, palpation, scar tissue removal, lymphatic drainage, deep fascia and dura matter release, colic relief, advanced equine anatomy, advanced assessment of the body, joints and confirmation of the horse, health check, hydrotherapy, stretches, anatomy of movement, conformation, gait assessment, saddle fit assessment, equine behaviour, horsemanship, assessment of the spinal column, vertebrae realignment and joint play.


December 2022

Equine Musculoskeletal and Cranial Unwinding

Holistic Horse Works - April Love (Level 1 & 2 Home Study Course)

I started this course as I wanted to add some more depth to the knowledge I already have. Right now, I have finished the requirements for the certificate of completion, then I can continue on to the practitioner part. 

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